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JT's Tree and Crane 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Service 

Here at JT's Tree & Crane, we help ensure your property is safe. One way we do so is by offering our 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal service for commercial and residential areas. JT's Tree Service provides prompt and complete tree services at reasonable rates throughout central and southern IL. Whether you have a fallen tree that's blocking a sidewalk, road, yard, etc. we are the ones to call. When it comes to fallen trees, you may be able to handle the younger and smaller trees; however, more giant trees are especially difficult and dangerous to deal with on your own. That is why you need professional help from JT's Tree & Crane 24/7 emergency tree removal service to take care of it.


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Commercial and Residential 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Service 

Commercial and Residential 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Service

We offer 24/7 emergency tree removal for commercial and residential areas. For commercial areas, fallen trees can be dangerous not only for your property but the properties and people surrounding you. If the tree falls on the road outside your business then it becomes a hazard for those passing by. Not only is it a hazard but it also looks bad for your business. Have JT's Tree & Crane's 24/7 emergency tree removal service take care of it immediately. For residential areas, fallen trees are also an issue for your property and the neighboring properties around you. Whether the tree falls on the sidewalk or road it needs to be removed efficiently. Even if it has only fallen on your property in your yard, the longer it lays there the more damage it will cause to your grass or the general environment around it.


Some examples of commercial and residential areas are:

Commercials Areas
  • Businesses

  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Medical Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Etc.
Residential Areas
  • Homes

  • Apartments
  • Schools
  • Cabins
  • Child Care Facilities
  • Etc.


Why You May Need Our Emergency Tree Removal Service

Sometimes it is obvious that you need a tree removed this may be because the tree has fallen and is covering your yard, road, sidewalk, etc. However, there are instances where you may not realize your tree is sick, and if you don't have it removed it could cause damage to not only your property when it falls but also the environment around it. Some signs to look out for when it comes to a sick tree include:

  • A tree that usually buds in the spring isn't producing its bud
  • Mushrooms sprouting around the base of your tree
  • Ants or beetles that aren't usually an issue are investing in your tree
  • Honey fungus 
    • This is a common name given to several different species of the fungus Armillaria that attack and kill the roots of trees. 
  • A fruit tree not producing fruit 

These are all signs that your tree may be sick and will die. When the tree dies sometimes the sickness causes the roots to become too weak to hold it up. This results in either a tree branch falling off, the whole tree falling, or a storm causing the weak tree to topple over. Here in IL, we know that there's a large variety of weather hazards; tornados, intense rain storms, snow storms, ice storms, etc. This is why you need JT's Tree & Crane's 24/7 emergency tree removal service to remove your sick tree to protect your property. 


How We Handle Tree Removals

There are a few steps we take at JT's Tree & Crane for the process of removing the tree. This is to ensure that we protect the area around the tree we are removing. Depending on the tree's height, we may use different machinery to remove it. We have professional cranes, boom trucks, lift trucks, and more that assist in this process. 

When it comes to larger or taller trees the tree may not safely fall as one entire piece when we take it down. So, we may remove sections starting at the top. This is for the safety of our workers and your property. Moving methodically, we will take down the remainder of the tree. Make JT's 24/7 emergency tree removal service the one you call for your emergency tree removal. 


Check out our other services including, land clearing, storm and disaster response, and residential and commercial tree care.


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Our Clients Trust Us

Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity during my sister's time of need. When a tornado dropped a massive oak on her house, these wonderful men removed it from the house and car, then had an electrician they met at another job get her power restored the next day. There were several people who refused to do anything because of the size and position of the tree, but they had a crane and bobcat and went to work! Absolutely the most thoughtful act I have ever been a part of. You seriously saved my sister's family. I don’t know what we would have done without you. This business is run by wonderful human beings and deserve all of the business they can handle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Lis W.

Last month, we had a macro-burst storm. We live in the woods and we probably lost half of our woods plus trees on our house and detached garage. We live in Ohio. We saw JT’S card at our local gas station. We were apprehensive at first not sure if we could trust them but our local tree service was beyond able to keep up with requests for help. We are so happy we took the risk!!! They have top-notch equipment, observed safety, cut up, hauled away our multitude of trees both for insurance and then we hired them to clean up what they could on trees not covered by insurance! They were friendly, kind, professional and very hard working! And they won’t refuse a homemade chocolate chip cookie!!! We would hire them all over again !! We give them 5 stars plus!!!

Marjorie A.

The guys from JT's were so professional & polite! They made sure I was completely happy with the trimming of my tree before they left. They cleaned up all the branches & leaves. I highly recommend them! Will for sure be using them again! My tree was so over grown, and now it looks amazing!

Christina M.

JT's tree did an awesome job clearing/removing dead trees, and invasive honeysuckle, vines, etc. from my lot. Would definitely use them again for similar work in the future.

Mark H.

We had three trees that were rather close to the house to take down plus two stumps that needed to be ground. JT's crew was quick, responsible, and courteous throughout the tree removal process. They cleaned up the roof and grounds when they were finished.

Shannon M.